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Black Hole by Andrew Southworth artwork

Black Hole

  • 1 min read

Click here to listen on your favorite platform: Black Hole Lyrics: Pure heartInnocentTwisted and differentEmotionalI’ll take advantage though When I see into your eyesI can feel the dark insideIf I crawl into your soulI’ll be filling the black hole My DarkPassengerIs just the messengerHopelessSacrificeI’ll be there to take your life I’ll wrap you up in drapesTied tight so you… 

Doublethink by Andrew Southworth


  • 4 min read

My 5th studio album Doublethink is officially coming April 29th, 2022! Every release is exciting but albums are extra special to me because to me they feel like landmarks, lines in the sand, and represent the beginning / end of an era. Doublethink includes 19 songs, 12 of which were released as singles over the past 2-ish years. Over these… 

Andrew Southworth Over Artwork


  • 2 min read

Listen to ‘Over’ everywhere here: Lyrics: Every time you lie Every time you push and pull me Every time you cry Regret all those things you told me I will not be simplified I cannot be synthesized Digging deeper, digging out Dig your grave without a doubt I am so alone I am lost without you I am so… 


  • 1 min read

Sunrise Lyrics: A finicky Affinity For Soliloquy In my mind I can’t believe You’re kidding me We’ll never see You again After all this time I thought you Were so alive I always thought you were okay but Surprise You hid it all in your smile To be lost again, I know It must be hard to show After all… 

Life Is Short Artwork

Life Is Short

  • 2 min read

Why do so many of us wait until we retire to pursue our dreams and passions?

Fire Cover


  • 2 min read

Thanks so much for checking out my song Fire! Below you can find links to listen to the song on streaming and stores, the music video on my YouTube music channel, and the lyrics as well. Listen here: Fire Lyrics: I wouldn’t give a care if I were you No I wouldn’t give a damn if I were you… 


  • 1 min read

Lyrics: I will watch as you’re dreamingI will wait as you’re sleepingI will watch as you’re dreamingI will wait as you’re sleeping Coming out as a dreamerComing out as oneHere we find we are doneOpen mind, we are one I will watch as you’re dreamingI will wait as you’re sleepingI will watch as you’re dreamingI will wait as you’re sleeping…