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Doublethink by Andrew Southworth

My 5th studio album Doublethink is officially coming April 29th, 2022!

Every release is exciting but albums are extra special to me because to me they feel like landmarks, lines in the sand, and represent the beginning / end of an era. Doublethink includes 19 songs, 12 of which were released as singles over the past 2-ish years. Over these past 2 years my audience has grown from only several hundred Spotify followers to nearly 10,000 Spotify followers, among other metrics (but so many artists use Spotify to gauge how things are going).

This entire album was created in our post-Covid world, which is another way it feels like the end of an era now that we seem to be through the worst of it. I went from spending 40 hours in an office per week to spending those 40 hours working from home, and since I make all my music at home too I rarely left the house. This album truly was one guy (me) in one room (my home studio, although technically two home studios because I moved half way through).

While Doublethink is not a concept album by any means I feel like the anti-social environment inspired a lot of this music. Lyrically there are songs that are future reminders to my self, fictional stories, stories inspired by TV shows I was watching, true stories and more. The only song thats directly inspired by the pandemic lyrically is Socialize, which was created in the early days where nobody knew when this would end and what was fact or fiction.

This album is special to me so to celebrate i’m giving away free signed CD’s. Click here to grab one.

Doublethink by Andrew Southworth


I’ve received some amazing feedback on this album from blogs and music reviewers that I want to share with you, check it out!

“Every other second, you can discover a new snippet of sound that injects a fresh moment. That’s probably what I love most about this tune: it’s a contemporary ballad with an emotional story that doesn’t feel just sad, but it makes you feel the intensity as well.”

kms reviews (talking about my song Fire)

“Andrew has a unique sounding vocal sound which I love, that made the song stand out to me. “

Music Injection (talking about my song You)

“Through his new release, the artist manages to deliver an integrated work with great transitions and an always high energy.”

Roadie Music (talking about my song Over)

“Cool future bass track, really enjoyed the vocal work here! The lead melody idea on the drop was nice as well, reminded a bit of Illenium.”

Future Generation (talking about my song Dreaming)

“…you’ve got a really amazing talent. Your voice is really fantastic.”

Pop Passion Blog (talking about my song Alive)

“…well produced, and well executed, confident vocals.”

Palms Out Sounds (talking about my song Collide)

“…I enjoyed the passionate vocals, cool guitars and trap-infused beat.”

Caesar Live N Loud (talking about my song Life Is Short)

Press Release

Andrew Southworth


Genera Studios

April 29th, 2022

TEWKSBURY, MASSACHUSETTS – Andrew Southworth’s 5th album Doublethink has already amassed over 1.2 million streams on Spotify alone prior to release due to the whopping 12 singles out of this massive 19-track album. It was created completely independently from songwriting to mastering by one guy in one room. Despite that singular vision, Doublethink ranges from crushing future bass drops to stuck-in-your-head pop hooks, atmospheric electronic segments and gritty rock vocals.

Doublethink is an album two years in the making, with the first single releasing early 2020. While it’s not a concept album the global pandemic, work-from-home lifestyle and media hysteria inspired a lot of the stories and messages contained in the lyrics. From inspiring messages for your future self to depressing fictional stories (and depressing real stories), and realizations about life after ‘adulting’ for a decade.

While Doublethink is two years in the making, Andrew’s musical journey is 18 years in the making. Only 5 years ago Andrew barely had ten people that listened to his music – fast forward to today where he’s on 2 Spotify editorial playlists, over 7,000 user generated Spotify playlists, consistently gets over 100,000 Spotify streams per month and has over 50,000 social media followers. All 100% independently with no label.