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Hey, i’m Andrew

I’d like to take you on a 8 day studio tour. Its 100% free! I call it my ‘Studio Pass’.

Want a FREE signed CD?

I’m incredibly proud of my album Doublethink. It represents about 2 years of songwriting and thus has 19 songs. So, I want to send you a copy for free. Just cover the $5 in postage and i’ll send you an autographed physical CD of the album.


Stock up on physical / digital music, clothing & accessories from my online store.

Doublethink by Andrew Southworth

My 5th studio album Doublethink is officially coming April 29th, 2022! Every release is exciting but…

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Andrew Southworth Over Artwork

Listen to ‘Over’ everywhere here: Lyrics: Every time y…

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Sunrise Lyrics: A finicky Affinity For Soliloquy In my mind I can't believe You're kidding me We'll …

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Life Is Short Artwork
Life Is Short

Why do so many of us wait until we retire to pursue our dreams and passions?

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Fire Cover

Thanks so much for checking out my song Fire! Below you can find links to listen to the song on stre…

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Lyrics: I will watch as you’re dreamingI will wait as you’re sleepingI will watch as you’re dreaming…

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