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Ocean Eyes

  • 2 min read

Stream it here: Want a FREE signed CD? Get one here. Ocean Eyes Lyrics: Trust me, if I had the choice, had the choice I would go way back to when IHad nothing to do, there was nothing to proveThere was nothing but me and you But now it’s long days, long nights, high stress and low blow… 

Eye to Eye

  • 1 min read

Listen on your favorite music platform here: Eye to Eye Lyrics: One day you realizeWe come from different livesYou’ll never see our liesWe’ll never see your cries Pass alongSilent we areDutiful but strayCast asideIn the frayI am nothing but afraid We come from different livesWe don’t see eye to eyeWe come from different livesOne day you’ll realize We come… 

Black Hole by Andrew Southworth artwork

Black Hole

  • 1 min read

Click here to listen on your favorite platform: Black Hole Lyrics: Pure heartInnocentTwisted and differentEmotionalI’ll take advantage though When I see into your eyesI can feel the dark insideIf I crawl into your soulI’ll be filling the black hole My DarkPassengerIs just the messengerHopelessSacrificeI’ll be there to take your life I’ll wrap you up in drapesTied tight so you…