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Hey, i’m Andrew Southworth. I help music artists and record labels grow and monetize their fanbase. I’m also a music artist.

My videos, writing and podcasts explore strategies and tools to help you grow your fanbase and pursue your dreams.

📚 Music Marketing Courses

Music marketing courses to grow your fanbase. Spotify Growth Machine, YouTube Growth Machine & Fan Growth Machine.

🎯 Forbid Media

Music marketing ad agency for artists and record labels. Focused on music streaming growth, playlist growth & event promotion.

🎶 Melodist

Get your music on 100+ music streaming & download platforms with unlimited music distribution for one low annual price.

🎵 MusicFunnels

Build your website, online store, sales funnels and email list in one platform. Own your audience and monetize your fanbase.

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About Andrew Southworth

Hey, I’m Andrew Southworth. I’m a former mechanical engineer turned YouTuber, music artist, entrepreneur and podcaster. My channel has over 7 million views and I have around 100k followers cross-platform online.

My YouTube journey started teaching guitar and metal screaming vocal lessons. But over the years I switched to music production, and then music marketing / music business which is what I talk about today.

Since then i’ve worked with over 2k artists and record labels 1-on-1, have taught over 3k students in my courses and run thousands of ad campaigns.

My music has over 10 million streams and i’ve generated over 100 million streams for my clients on Spotify alone.

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