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This Website Changed, Here’s Why

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  • 3 min read

For the entire history of this website up to now, this website was specifically for my music and my music alone.

Now, it’s more of a hub for my ‘personal brand’ (as much as I want to throw up typing that). So why the change?

Well, that requires a small history lesson to answer. But the TLDR is I finally accepted that i’m more well known for my content than my music.

The Journey

I’ve been playing music since I was 12 years old. I’m 31 now, so thats 19 years. Throughout most of that journey i’ve also been posting content on YouTube, but for a long time it was also focused on my music in some way. Whether it be lessons, covers or tutorials on music.

In 2019 I decided I was going to actually take my music more seriously, and try to figure out the whole music marketing thing. As a result I started covering what I was learning on my YouTube channel as well, and this shift into music marketing content drastically grew my online following so I doubled down on it (and I enjoyed it too).

I would market my own music and share the results of my adventures in videos, hoping it would help other artists or at least they would find it interesting. Since early 2020 my main YouTube channel has been 100% focused on music marketing and music business. People kept asking me for courses, consulting and services so over the years I added those to my offering as well.

The Confusion

My YouTube channel name has always been my real name. But, confusingly, my music artist name is also my real name. This has perpetually been confusing for my websites and my social media presence because I had to create platforms for both audiences – my music fans and my music marketing fans.

When looking at the stats for this website I realized that most of the people searching for my name are actually looking for my music marketing content, my courses, my services etc.

For years i’ve been fighting this, but now i’m embracing it.

The Plan

This website is now just about me as a person. It has links to all of my endeavors, music marketing, my music, or whatever else I get involved in over the years.

This blog is going to function ‘kind of’ like a personal blog. However I imagine it being more of a creator / business blog.

The reason is, as a result of running my businesses and being a content creator I have a LOT of topics I could talk about but don’t talk about on my music business platforms. It would just be out of place. But on here it makes perfect sense because this blog is about me. The things i’m doing, the products i’m using, how I think about my businesses etc.

At this time I have no content schedule for this blog, its going to be whenever I feel like it. If the audience for the type of content on here grows, I may create a separate newsletter and start a content schedule. But for now its on my own time as a passion project.

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