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Studio Pass – Coming Home

Coming Home is one of the more ‘obvious’ lyrical songs i’ve ever written. In 2019 I had to fly across the country a couple times for my mechanical engineering job. On these work trips I was working 12 hour days, and I remember getting back to the hotel room completely exhausted. 2019 was also one of the years I worked the most in my life, and it made me appreciate all the time I spent NOT working much more.

I’m sure you can relate to being excited to get home and relax, and spend time with your favorite people after an exhausting day. This was how I felt except it was more of an exhausting YEAR. Even though I still work a ton nowadays between my day job and my online businesses I focus more on the work that makes me happier and this song was a reminder to me to try my best to maintain a more stable work-life balance.

Lastly I want to talk a little bit about the music behind the vocals… This song heavily uses acoustic guitar, and several songs from my album Dreams Don’t Die do as well. The reason for this was a few months prior my uncle was getting married and asked if I could play guitar at the wedding ceremony. This forced me to bring out my acoustic guitar and learn some new songs, and in the process I wrote a bunch of new material using it. Coming Home was one of the earlier ones and the main guitar riff in the song was what inspired the entire track.