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Hey! I’m Andrew Southworth.

I’ve been making music for 18 years and it’s been a wild ride. The music I release under my own name is something i’ve been calling ‘electro-pop-rock’ (electropock?) due to my blend of electronic, pop and rock styles. Imagine if Illenium and Post Malone had a baby, and then that baby grew up listening to Linkin Park and started making music.

I love synthesizers and guitars, but i’m also a total nerd. I have a masters degree in mechanical engineering and play with drones and 3D printers for fun. I also make YouTube videos. It’s nice to meet you and i’m glad you’re here.

I want to give you my newest CD for FREE

I’m incredibly proud of my album Doublethink. It represents about 2 years of songwriting and thus has 19 songs. The songs will make you jam out but I hope they also make you think.

So, I want to send you a copy for free. Just cover the $5 in postage and i’ll send you an autographed physical CD of the album.

Sound good? I’d love to send you a nice package full of new music. Hopefully i’ll see you in your mailbox soon…

Andrew Southworth Logo

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